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How I saved $1 per gallon at Sunoco

sunoco headerIf you stop off at the store for a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work here is a great way to earn rewards on that coffee. Recently I stopped in at the Sunoco near my house to pick up a cup of coffee on my way to work instead of my usual place. Coffee was fine and the exact same price as where I usually stop (Competing station across the street). While getting my brew I learned that Sunoco has a free –to- join rewards program that pays me 4 ¢ off for each cup of coffee I buy on my next gas purchase.

For example:
Every day, Monday thru Friday you stop and purchase a cup of coffee on the way to work.
Each cup earns you 4¢. For the work week, you will accumulate 20¢. That 20¢ can be redeemed when you fill up your tank lowering the price of each gallon by 20¢ (Limit 20 gallons per redemption).
So my fill-up that week was $2.80*20=$56 rather than $3.00*20=$60.

Weekly Savings $4 – Yearly savings = $200+

The details:

1. If you don’t know where a A-plus Sunoco station is locate one online. Be sure to check the Aplus box as independently owned Sunoco stations do not participate.
2. Pick up a card at the cash register at your next visit to a Sunoco A Plus store.
3. Swipe card before each purchase. There will be a list of items listed at the register and online that qualify for the reward.For example when I buy a cup of coffee Sunoco gives me 4 cents of my next purchase of gasoline – up to 20 gallons. I bought 20 cups of coffee in October which lowered my gasoline purchase by 25*4 = $1.
4. Insert your rewards card at the pump when you are ready to purchase.
5. Any points accumulated expire on the last day of the month following the month in which the discounts are earned.
6. Only one vehicle per fill up.

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