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How To Find An Experienced Real Estate Attorney

When purchasing a home it’s important to have an experienced real estate attorney review and prepare the real estate sales agreement and any other applicable documents. The transfer of property from one party to another can be a difficult process and if you don’t know what you are doing it can cost you. With that in mind I have prepared a list of interview questions to find the best real estate attorney.

Top Interview Questions to Hire a Real Estate Attorney:

  1. How long have you been practicing real estate law? The answer to this largely depends on the potential complexity of your situation. Are you buying a simple single family home or an apartment building with existing tenants. For my single family home purchases I have felt comfortable with 3 years of experience….especially if they had prior experience as a paralegal.
  2. How many cases similar to mine have you handled? Again this depends on your needs. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable with an attorney that mainly handles commercial real estate handling my single family home purchase. All kinds of red flags would go up about being familiar with residential law and if I would get the attention I need – being a small fish in perhaps a big pond.
  3. Can you give a framework on how you would handle my case? What important documents will need to be processed and under what time frame.
  4. When do I need to contact you? Will it be before or after we make an offer, or after the offer has been accepted? Etc…
  5. How will you bill me? What is your ballpark estimate of the costs for transaction like this?
  6. Who else beside you will be working on my transaction? If it’s a paralegal – will I be billed at a lower rate for their time?

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